Let’s Talk About Achieving Goals

I just witnessed the most amazing sunset and checked off a life goal at the same time.  So I just had to quickly put up a “Let’s Talk” video to share it all.

Have a look and then post your experience of achieving goals (on and off the bike), or sharing a goal you want to see realized and how you’re going to make it happen.

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  • http://www.bant-shirts.com BanTshirts

    As far as cycling is concerned, my goal this season is to do some audaxes, and maybe one or two sportives. I did the Autumn Epic route with a friend a few days ago, a 95 mile circular route. We also plan to cycle from Knighton, on the English-Welsh border, to Aberystwyth and back, which I think is 100 miles+, and very scenic.
    My short term goal with Ban T-shirts is to sell off some of the designs that have been up there for a while and introduce some new ones within a month. I’m also on the look out for new projects.

  • http://twitter.com/PamelotH PamelaFaganHutchins

    LOL, you don’t want me to start talking about goals and me. I’m so goal-oriented its painful. I love setting them and I refuse to not meet them. It can be hard to live with (for me and my loved ones), but it moves my life forward and allows me to live with no regrets.

  • http://www.texasmountainbiketrails.com/ Shawn McAfee

    Actually I don’t really have any goals “on the bike” right now except for riding 2500 miles this year. That’s about it, my focus has been entirely on pursuing off the bike achievements this year.

    First off, my goal for the year was to leave my job and work fulltime on my own business. I’ve been blessed to be able to make that happen already. Woohoo!

    The big goal for me right now is to #1 bring in additional clients, and #2 to showcase an awesome series that is smoothly run and provides the community around me a ton of fun.

    I’m getting very close to announcing #2 publicly, sometime this week. I’m just so pumped that it is actually happening.

    Oh and Goal #3 is to visit the Kotyk’s in Grenada. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/m.beaky73 Mark Beaconsfield

    My goal is ongoing. To ride a bike everyday. It was inspired by #30DaysofBiking a couple of years ago. After completing the 30 days, I challenged myself to ride everyday for a whole year. I started my count on Jan 1st 2012. After successfully riding everyday last year, when 2013 rolled around, I decided to keep going. I am proud to say that I still haven’t missed a day and am getting very close to the 500 day milestone.

  • Glenn Sefton

    Perfect timing, Darryl. I set a goal for 400 miles this month. I’ve got 22 miles left for tomorrow. I have Cycling360 to thank for the inspiration and helping me set goals. I’m looking forward to the ride tomorrow!

  • Ben

    When can I come visit? Okay my goal is to come to Grenada this year to meet you and go cycling.

  • FB

    Nice view, Darryl. My list of goals is long but I’m working towards achieving them each day.

  • Adam

    My goal is to become a faster cyclist. Between the tips I get here and at Cycling 360, I feel that it’s been working pretty good. Still want to go faster.