Bikes and Bagels: John Dugas is Loving the Bike

It’s always great to hear our readers talk about their Loving the Bike stories.  John Dugas from the Plano Bicycle Association wanted to share this picture and his “Bikes and Bagels” poem to show his love for the bike and riding with his friends.  Enjoy.


Bikes and Bagels

Morning comes aft sleepless night,

Winds are tame hope ease the flight.


Kit selected colors coordinated,

Looks can never be underestimated.


Bike is primed and cleaned for show

Greased up, aired up ready to go.


NAV reset choice groceries in back

Heart is pounding eager to attack.


Group assembled our age can’t hide

Nothing’s going to slow this ride.


Off the start our cadence fast

Groups in sync, hope it lasts.


Pounding out the rhythm of work

Big hills to come still the perk.


To Sachse and back our goal today

Stretch our legs or win the day?


Left turn on Renner, elbow flick

Sit in and rest, prepare for kick.


With end in sight plan firm in mind

Hold Derek’s wheel then sprint the line.


It’s a shame that Kraig and Mike pulled all day

Perhaps a bagel will suffice for pay.


  • Eric Hutchins

    Love it.