#bikeschool: Yearbook 2.0

As the #bikeschool Twitter session is growing stronger and stronger we are gaining new students every week, which made me remember about our beloved Yearbook. If you are new to class you may not realise there is a wealth of information on your fellow classmates here at LovingTheBike.com.

So please read through all the wonderful facts about the classmates you will meet each Thursday… and then send in your own! I want to more than double the size of this Yearbook with the new classmates (and those older ones who didn’t send one in the first time! You know who you are!) Check out the original post below and then get emailing! Enjoy!

(The following article was first published on the 10th of May 2011)

A little while ago I introduced the idea of creating a yearbook for #bikeschool and suggested a video of your personal biking bio would be a great way to get to know and SEE the Tweeps behind the Tweets. Now I’m not going to retract my statement that this was a great big noggin-box genius type of idea but I will admit it may have been somewhat misguided to think that everyone had the time, technology, capabilities and inclination to get out there and produce a video. You will be pleased to hear though that the idea has not been laid to rest and after many people commented on the idea a few weeks ago at #bikeschool, I thought it was time we started the roll call. The Professors/Rascals have their very own bio pages over at the #bikeschool EVOLution page so feel free to check them out too.

Roll Call

This is a process that is going to rely heavily on you as class members to send in your personal bio’s with as little or as much information as you are willing to divulge! A photo, a very short bio and 140 characters is all you have to define yourself on Twitter, but here is you chance to extend that and tell us anything and everything. You can view my video-bio below and also a great list of #bikeschool students have entered their names in pictures into #bikeschool history in the first edition of the #bikeschool Yearbook. This will be a ‘living document’ so if you haven’t sent in you bio yet, it can still be added. All bio’s should be sent with a picture to stevie@lovingthebike.com and they will be uploaded here for the world to see! There is also a special, limited edition, never ever repeated bike video of me at the bottom of the page.

@StevieDexter – Stevie Dexter

(ED – Please be aware I do not usually sound so boring!? I think it may have been some sort of Seasonal Affect Disorder!)

Stevie – Most likely to be carted off to the ‘Noggin-Box’ asylum.


@dboyd22 (Dave Boyd)

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