Comeback 2.0


What do Alejandro Valverde, Danilo Di Luca, Ricardo Ricco and yours truly all have in common? Nope… I’m not a scum bag doper… but I’m making a comeback

It’s been a while since my trippy European ramblings have graced the screens of but (hopefully) you’ll be pleased to hear I’m saddling up to the laptop and back  in the wonderful world of LTB. 

Unfortunately for all those women who’ve sent tonnes of fan mail recently I must state early in my comeback that I am now a married man. The preparations for the wedding, the day itself and enjoying the time since has taken a lot of my time but now seems a great time to hit you all right between the goggle-balls and get back online. Mocha Spoke

I’ve kept my finger on the pulse whilst I’ve been away and I’d like to say a big congratulations to Darryl and the Mocha Spoke team, and wish them every success.  The reason I continue to be involved in this website is Darryl.  He is true to his principles and lives what he preaches, which is why I know Mocha Spoke is destined for greatness.  Do head over to the cafe site as well as the Facebook page for news and pictures.

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon with something… well hopefully cycling related! If you’re lucky you might even see me over on Twitter!





  • gswbike

    Congratulations Stevie !! Glad the read you are back at the keyboard.

  • Darryl is Loving the Bike

    It’s so great to have you back, my friend…..but now all our readers have to pull out their UK translation dictionaries again in order to get through your posts. Hahahaha. Now that you’re a married man, we realize your free time is valuable and are so thankful you’re still able to remain a weekly writer for the site.

    You’re awesome, dude. Thanks for being my Loving the Bike wing man all these years.