Look Who’s Loving the Bike: April 2012

Here’s a look at who’s loving the bike for April 2012.  At the top of each month we like to feature the amazing stories and memories of people who are loving the bike.  Please take a look at what these lovers have to say.  Hey…..and we’d love to hear from you as well….feel free to submit your “Look Who’s Loving the Bike” story to us at any time.


“I’m an engineer by training and nature.  I read an articlecomparing the efficiency of locomotion of various species. The condor was the most efficient getting from point A topoint B.  The human was somewhere in lower half, maybe about athird of the way up the list.  However, if you give the humana bicycle, he is the most efficient of all species.  If mymemory is correct, we still haven’t ever developed any device thatis more efficient.  That is why I love the bicycle.  Iride everywhere, all year long.”

Pam Renough – Belgium

“I first fell in love with cycling when I was a child.  I am not sure of my age, but I know I was very young.  My parents tell me that I always wanted to be out riding my bike when I was a child, and that is still the case today.  It is often difficult to express this into words, but on my bike is one of the few places where I feel at peace with myself and at peace with life.  It is my escape.  It is my way of coping with the things around me.  I love cycling.”