Look Who’s Loving the Bike: December 2012

As we head into our last month of 2012, here’s a few people who are sharing their Loving the Bike stories with us.

At the top of each month we like to feature the amazing stories and memories of people who are loving the bike.  Please take a look at what these lovers have to say.  Hey…..and we’d love to hear from you as well….feel free to submit your “Look Who’s Loving the Bike” story to us at any time.

Stacey Hanna – Houston, TX

“I took my three girls to a skills class recently, thank you Transition Houston.  I have never been so weepy and happy as when my middle child at 8 years old says “Passing!” as she went by me on the left in a perfect pass later that day!  She has been the hazardous biker, weaving and wobbling by on the right.

She got a better bike at our local bike shop, a large dose of confidence from Transition Houston, and the same great joy we all feel when we find the Bike is Joy!”

Mandy Collie – Belfast, UK

“I got into cycling 2 years ago to raise money for charity.  I got hooked.  I now race for Women’s Cycling Ulster and compete all over Ireland in road races.

Love the feeling.  Being a Mum of two amazing little boys and running a couple of businesses (just starting a professional cycling coaching business with two pro riders!) to get out on my bike is that tiny part of my life is just me and my bike.  The speed, power, challenges, races, training, improvements.  All of it…I love.”

Charles Joseph – India

“I used to bike during school days.  Got back to biking after a 7 year gap.  Started as a fitness mantra but now has become a routine.  The best part about biking is the freedom you enjoy.  It’s one of the best ways to see around new places.”

George Ferguson – Kansas City, MO

“When I was a kid I was always on my bike…riding to school, to see friends, to the store, everywhere.  What a sense of freedom!  Got away from it because I could drive.  Started back riding almost 30 years ago when I wanted to get back into shape.

There is nothing like riding country roads in the spring with the crops coming up, and in the fall with the smells and colors.  Again, the sense of freedom, and now also peacefulness and stress relief.”