Look Who’s Loving the Bike: July

Wow!! My very own brand new bicycle, an early birthday present that vaulted me into the ranks of the mobile.  Freedom abound.  Where would I go first?  A round trip to the corner drug store seemed viable, maybe my buddy Jack’s house. My mind was a wildfire of destination ideas.  First, before any journey, some assembly was required, and to an over-excited soon-to-be five year old boy, putting on the pedals, handlebars and seat would take an eternity.  As patiently as I could, I filled my role stripping off protective masking tape, unwrapping plastic, toting trash to the cans. Unglamorous but important work.  A couple of times I may have tried to take plastic bags still containing reflectors or those screw caps that looked like cocktail tables for my sister’s Barbie dolls. Only to be halted by a stern “Not yet!”  Finally!  The time was at hand. After one final check of the tire pressure I was ready to roll.  The awkwardness of learning to ride with training-wheels, begging my sister to share riding time on her bike, the wishing, the hoping all were about to be memories. I was the proud owner of a brand new bike.”

Read more about Joel’s love for the bike at www.reasons2ride.com.

David Ruggero – Melbourne, Australia

“When i was a boy, i rode to get out of the house, out from under the roof and away from the walls.  When i was older, i started to ride again because i could and i loved it.  I was finally out of hospital, away from physios and doctors, more importantly, no more wheelchairs for me. i had found the one thing that i could do with no help from others.

Then one day we met. oh let me tell you, there is nothing like the look of an Italian, her shape, the way she moves. i was and am in love. forever will we be toghether open roads, morning training even to the shop for milk we are one.”

Jase Rodley – Whistler, BC

“Since the snow has melted, life is all about the bikes.

Before the Whistler Bike Park opened, it was evenings at the pump track after work or exploring the cross country trails as they slowly began to appear from underneath the snow.

Building my new downhill bike came down to the wire a lot more than I thought it would. I finished building it at 8:45am the morning of the Whistler Bike Park opening! After doing laps for the last few weeks my hands are now sufficiently abused, begging for a day off which I finally have.

Life is about bikes again now that the snow is gone, just how I like it!”

Watch for a guest post from Jase on Loving the Bike next week, and also check him out at www.ridemorebikes.com.

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