Look Who’s Loving the Bike – July

As you know, at the top of each month we like to feature the amazing stories and memories of why people are loving the bike.  Please take a look at what our July lovers have to say.  We’d love to hear from you as well….feel free to submit your “Look Who’s Loving the Bike” story to us at any time.

Greg Heil – Dahlonega, GA

“Everyone loves getting a new bike.  It’s shiny and clean, and at first maybe you don’t even want to ride it and would rather just prop it up in the corner of the living room and admire it. The glint of light off of the brand new frame constantly grabs attention.  The angles of the tubes, the beefy new disc brakes, the unique suspension design… what a beautiful piece of machinery! Eventually though, it’s time to take the new addition to your bicycle arsenal out and pedal it around.

There’s nothing quite like tearing it up on a brand new bike! Knowing that no one else has never ridden that bike and that your metal steed is just barely getting broken in is absolutely sublime! It is an incredibly carefree feeling.  Instead of thinking “Oh, what’s going to fall apart/wear out/break off next,” you think, “Hey, this bike is brand-spanking-new, all of the components are new, this is a clean slate!”

I’m a mountain biker. We mountain bikers are constantly wearing out or breaking components on our bicycles.  The pummeling that rock-strewn and root-laced singletrack gives a bicycle takes a toll over time.  The grit and grime that gets caught in the chain and drive train causes components to wear faster.  On my blog I have often used the metaphor of a “war” when referencing the constant struggle to keep a bicycle in good repair. It can become a real financial “war” just to fund your singletrack habit. When I say that having a bicycle that is completely fresh and ready to be bashed is a blissful feeling, I mean it.

In that instant, it truly becomes your bike, and you’re able to let it all out again on the trail without fear of dinging the paint job. Because hey, what’s one more scratch going to matter?”

Greg has been mountain biking for over 5 years, and publishes a daily informational and instructional mountain bike blog over at www.gregridestrails.com.

Amber Sheeley – Mount Pleasant, IA

“Some of my earliest, and certainly some of the fondest, memories of summers growing up in northeast Iowa center around RAGBRAI, the back seat of a 1964 Schwinn criterium-racing tandem, and time spent on the open road with my dad.

The tandem was canary yellow with bright blue handlebars, a 10 speed, and weighed in at more than 50 pounds.  And it was my favorite place to be on a humid July afternoon.  After many summers of begging to go along, my dad gave in and agreed to let me ride with him on RAGBRAI XVII.  I don’t remember a summer that he didn’t ride and I’ll never forget the first time he took me along.  I was nine years old and he had to rig blocks of wood on the pedals so my feet would reach.

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