Look Who’s Loving the Bike: June

My early memory was in borrowing a very beaten up tricycle owned by a cousin of mine when I was around 5 or 6 and who lived on a steep hill. It was red with a lot of the paintwork missing or somewhat tired and rusty in several places with slightly buckled wheels which rotated unencumbered as there were no brake blocks on the front wheel only and consequently no brakes of any description to slow the tricycle.

That particular failing clearly didn’t deter a young boy with a sense of adventure towards anything with wheels.

Simple pleasures enthralling a small young boy with a sense of adventure – what special memories for me.”

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  • Dntelectrical

    When i was a boy, i was up in the morning, then gone. gone as far and as fast as my legs could take me on my single speed 24″ wheels. 
    I was the captain of my day and my nose was my navigator, so for the day i was free.
    now more than 30 years on, the thought of an early morning blitz on the empty streets or an all day epic on the open road brings a broad grin and an excitment that nearly keeps me up at night.
    Ride on, be free.