Look Who’s Loving the Bike: November 2011

James Fredrickson – New York, NY

“As I look back on my childhood, I can’t think of a single great moment that didn’t include my bike in some way.  It was everything to me.  I was my mode of transportation, my pathway to pretending I was Evil Kenevil, and my ticket to freedom.  Now that I’m an adult the bicycle allows me to channel that child in me and let’s me escape from what weighs down on me in life.  I am loving the bike.”

Erik Duhrban – Holland, The Netherlands

“I am lucky to live in a city where bicycles are as common as vehicles.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Riding a bike to me is so much more than just a way to get from here to there.  The bike is a part of me and I am better because of it.”

Meagan Smith – Vancouver, BC

“It is now that time of year where I am not able to be on my bike each and every day.  I really like how riding my bike to where I need to go gives me that calm feeling that sets the mood for my day.  Everything and everyone seems so much happier when I’m on my bike.  I think all of us need to spend more time on bikes.”

Jim Northway – Perth, Australia

“Why am I loving the bike?  I can’t put it all down into words, but I can say that something so simple as a bike has brought me years and years of great memories and experiences.  I’m not sure who invented it, but I’d like to thank whoever did for creating such a great thing.”

Lenni Eubanks – Toronto, Ontario

“When I was a kid our neighbourhood wasn’t safe to be outside. On my bike I could escape that a little…and it opened up my world. Suddenly I realized there were clean parks, there were community centres, there were local pools I could get to. That created a love for cycling and to this day, I never feel more joyful, more free, more confident than when on my bike.”

Lenni has founded a wonderful organization called My First Wheels, an organization all about getting bikes to those kids who need them.  Find out more about this fantastic program in this news story: