Look Who’s Loving the Bike – September

“Cycling is … when your heart is pounding from the excitement of speed and the feeling of control.

Cycling is … when you can feel the hurt in your legs but it is a good hurt and you don’t even actually know if you are still pedalling because you are one with the machine.

Cycling is … when you know you are stronger than your opponents.

Cycling is … when all your muscles in your body are taut, ready to pounce, when your senses are alert and you zoom in on the finish line, almost in trance, forgetting about the other riders around you.

Cycling is … when you shoot for the line and the hurt is nowhere near as painful as what you have endured in hard training sessions in the past and it is sweetened by the prospect of victory.”

More of Sandra’a cycling writing can be found at Competitive Cycling.

Kavindra Joshi – Bengaluru Area, India

“I rode in the Himalayas in India. I climbed from 3500ft to 10000ft. I was difficult and to top it all I was not sure whether i would be able to complete the ride. Last 7 kms of the climb was deadly with cobbled roads and very steep incline. I kept on telling myself i will do it. Viola i did it. Was the only 1 in the group not to hike the bike and completely ride the distance.

I forever had streched my mind and my self belief.”

Todd Witkin – New York, NY

“Any time I find myself surrounded by beautiful scenery, and I take an extra deep breath and think “It’s great to be alive!” Cycling gives me something to look forward to, even on the most stressful days of my life (weather permitting).”

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