Data for Goals – Mac Mondays #1

Regular readers of Loving The Bike may be curious as to why we are starting a feature called “Mac Mondays”.  I love technology (especially Mac computers and the iPhone) and  how it is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives; and, I noticed that it can be used in “cycle life”.  Every Monday in September I’m going to highlight and review an iPhone app that hardcore and everyday cyclists (like me) might find useful.  If you have suggestions for future reviews, email me.


cyclemeterCyclemeter is an iPhone app that doesn’t require login to a website, no uploading data, no monthly subscriptions, and it doesn’t have any screen-stealing ads.  It tracks your workouts (cycling, running, walking, etc) and keeps the data on your iPhone to easily determine progress for a chosen activity.  Your time, location, speed and distance are continually recorded as soon as you press start on the app.  (Note: Cyclemeter does not support iPod touch or the first-generation iPhone, which lack GPS capabilities.  Apple’s new iOS4 software allows the app the run in the background to continue tracking and recording your stats.  Multitasking is not supported on the iPhone 3G by iOS4).

When you use the Apple earphones with remote, you can monitor your progress with customizable/automatic announcements (speed, distance, time etc.).  After a ride or activity is completed, your results are displayed on maps, graphs and a calendar.  A useful feature is the icons used to compare similar activities.  Each activity is ranked and compared with color icons to easily see when you performed better.  The ability to add notes to completed rides is also useful so you can remember if your performance was lower due to a head-wind.  Finally, competed workouts can be exported (in your choice of GPX, KML, and CSV formats) to keep detailed records and analyze your workouts.

A unique feature of Cyclemeter is its ability to connect with social media sites and email.    Users can log in to Facebook and/or Twitter and Cyclemeter will automatically send out user-defined updates.  Emails can also be automatically sent to family, friends or coaches to update your progress and location.  Cyclemeter also includes text-to-speech technology which allows you to hear replies from your email, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

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