Beer, Benjamin Franklin, and Make it Happen


It’s a very simple quote, but one that conjures up a lot of good images…..especially when you find out that it was Benjamin Franklin who said it.

I’m sure you all know who Ben Franklin is, but in case you need a refresher….he was one of North America’s greatest citizens.  He was a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist.  He lived a very positive and motivating life, but as you can tell from the quote……he seems like he was a pretty fun loving guy as well.

It’s great to get results and leave behind a legacy as did Benjamin Franklin, but I’ll bet he would feel proud to know that this fun quote is one of the things he left behind.  He knew that the serious side of life was important, but he also was able to realize that the fun side of life is what matters most.

This is a pretty simple quote, but I guess I felt myself taking it a little deeper this week.  I feel like I have been around people lately who are looking at life from the wrong perspective.  They live by crazy rules, and then create new rules just for the sake of adding more rigidity to the world.  They take a simple world that works pretty darn good, and make it more confusing, stressful, and gloomy.  In fact, they try to take the fun out of just about anything that could possibly be fun.

Maybe it’s because these people feel as though they are important or something and need to create, and live, in a world of rules in order to feel significant.  What I know is that none of these people are anywhere close to being as important as old Ben Franklin, yet he still remained simple, rule free, and happy.

Relish in life’s simple pleasures….and if you are in a position of power, try not to get caught up in the seriousness (and nonsense) of it all.  The world needs more laughter…….not rules.  Make it Happen.

  • Eric Hutchins

    Make it Happen!

  • Ian

    Ben was a good and pretty smart guy, and I think we can learn something from him. Those people that try and complicate things usually are trying to solidify their position and/or inflate their importance. Not all but some. Everyone comes in contact or is affected by these people but it’s up to the individual on how much emotional value you give them.
    ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference’ Over the years I’ve added my own little ending… ‘and if for any reason I don’t have the serenity, courage or wisdom I’m still going to have one hell of a fun and fantastic ride.’