Electronic Free Day…on and off the Bike

Quite a while ago our Family decided to make Sundays an electronic free day, meaning we wouldn’t use the TV, Computer, Phone, or any other similar device.  We’re not generally electronic obsessed, but for this one day a week we make sure to keep them off and totally focus on quality Family time.

It’s actually a lot tougher than it may sound and it seems like every week there’s a reason to jump on the computer for just a minute….but we do our best to respect the electronic free day.  Sure there are weeks where we break the rules and use something, but for the most part our whole Family stays away from electronics on this one day.

At Home

Yesterday was a perfect example of just what can happen when there are no electronic distractions and how old-fashioned fun can make the day great.  We stayed home pretty much all day and had countless “little” moments that filled me up with laughter, love, and great memories.  Things like the “game” that my 2-year-old invented and had us play, or the creative ideas and thoughts that my two older kids came up with, and the great skit and song that my boys performed later in the day….all added up to one fantastic Family experience.

On the Bike

Electronic free days don’t have to be limited to things at home.  How about taking a ride every week or two where you don’t use the computer on your bike?  I know that I’m constantly looking down at my Garmin and always seem to be battling against the clock or average time.  I’ve forced myself to turn it off every now and then and it is those rides where I’m able to relax my mind and enjoy things just a little bit more.  I do love the competitiveness that the computer provides inside of me, but I equally love those rides that are “electronic free”.

If you’re not ready for a weekly electronic free day, maybe you can start out by taking the National Day of Unplugging Challenge.  The next one takes place March 1 and 2, and more information can be found at www.sabbathmanifesto.org/unplug.

Take it for what it’s worth, but I wanted to share my electronic free experiences with you and suggest it as an idea that can help you Make it Happen….on and off the bike.

  • Pam

    This is a great idea. I’m going to talk to my husband about setting this up in our household also.

  • Roger

    I make a habit of riding at least once every couple weeks without my computer. It allows me to ride free and enjoy the spin. It’s a great tool to help with your training.

  • Ed

    Our family spends far too much time on electronics and I have been thinking of toning it down for a while now. This is a good idea. That is a good suggestion about riding sometimes without a computer as well. I’m going to try that out as well.