Make it Happen Monday: If I Knew…

If I knew I had exactly 25 years to live, I’d be intent on living them well.

I’m sure many times during those years, I would lose sight of time.

And slip into a regular routine.

If I knew I had 10 years to live, initially I would be quite concerned.

I would make pledges to myself to do this or to do that.

I would want to start doing all the things I have always wanted to do.

However, I’m almost certain the whole 10 years would not be focused on fulfilling these dreams and goals.

If I had only 1 year to live, life would change very quickly.

I would instantly begin to do each and every thing I have always wanted to do.

I know I would appreciate my friends and family much more.

And every get together would be cherished so much more intensely.

I would take on new projects and try to discover new talents.

I would travel the world and try to experience joy every day.

If I knew I only had 1 day to live, what would I do?

I would live that day to the fullest.  I would not spend that time thinking about why this is happening or feeling sorry for myself.

I would spend it with those people closest to me and try to enjoy every minute.

I know that every flower I saw would look so much brighter.

I know the sound of the birds would be that much sweeter.

I know I would feel more love than ever for the people around me.

I know I would focus more on my surroundings.

If I knew I only had 10 seconds to live, would there be time to do anything at all?

Those seconds could be easily filled with surprise, sadness, regret, and concern.

But I would like to think that I’d spend those 10 seconds sitting outside looking up at the sky and smiling while the beautiful world says good-bye with a kiss from the Sun.

photo c/o Chung Designs

  • Terri Sonoda

    Tears.  And yes, I needed this today.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Awe, I hope it helped.  Thanks for being a Loving the Bike reader and I hope that your day is now at least a little bit more brighter.

  • Tingting Conol

    Monday,Monday  is good to me….

  • Pamela

    What a wonderful and thought provoking MIHM piece, Darryl.  Kudos.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thank you Pamela.  Coming from a writer such as yourself….that means a lot.  I’m glad you liked it.

  • Eric Hutchins

    Wow man, that was really really incredible. Also really timely for me coming off a tough stretch feeling a little like I was getting crushed by things and finally shaking it off and remembering the things that were important.
    Its so hard to figure out sometimes what is truly imposed that is outside your control, and what you ALLOW to be imposed on you. You and Amanda live your lives in such a wonderful way you are awesome example for your kids and your friends and i am glad to be one of them..
    I have read this post over a couple times and I am just stunned at what you put together.
    Have a great week Darryl.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks Eric, I really appreciate your comments.  You know I think highly of you as well and I love the example you and Pamela give off with the incredible relationship you have.  I put up the Make it Happen Monday posts mainly for myself as I need to be constantly reminded of the things I bring up and talk about.  Hope to see you soon, my friend.

  • Amanda Gale Kotyk

    You are such a beautiful person, Darryl.  I love this Monday!  Thanks for making me smile! :)  

  • Jack

    You really know how to get a Monday going, don’t you?  Thanks for another great Monday post.

  • Joel Phillips


  • Heather H

    That is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time.