Make it Happen Monday: Life’s Reminders

Note: This post was written prior to the tragic events in today’s Giro d’Italia.  Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt.  A sad reminder that we need to live each day to the fullest.

“Rise up this mornin,

Smiled with the risin sun,

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singin sweet songs

Of melodies pure and true,

Sayin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou:)”

You know those little reminders that life sometimes tosses your way?  Like the time you almost fell off your Parents roof, and for just a minute you appreciated life more than you ever had before.  Or that time when the Tornado was approaching and you hid in your basement waiting for it to pass…all of a sudden your daily life stresses didn’t seem so bad after all.

It sometimes takes the Universe to send us a wake up call in order to appreciate where we’re at or what we’ve got….remembering what’s most important…and what should always be our first priority.

Or we could be like the great Bob Marley and wake up with an attitude of happiness and gratitude as found in the lyrics to “Three Little Birds”.  That song includes the above words, and also a mantra you should remember the next time you’re feeling stressed:

“Don’t worry about a thing,

cause every little thing gonna be all right.

Singin don’t worry about a thing,

cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

Ground yourself….or the Universe will do it for you.  But in the end…don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright.


  • Jim (@bikerly)

    Great message, D!

    I will sing this from the seat of my single speed tonight after work. And find it on Pandora until then. BTW, loved Kassi’s post on today.


    • Darryl

      I find myself singing some Bob Marley quite often when I’m out on the bike…..especially when I’m out in the country and there’s nothing but me and the horses and cows. They are the only people who seem to like my singing.

      • Jim (@bikerly)

        Did you ever find out if Marley rode a bike?

  • Archergal

    Thank you — I really needed to hear this today. :)

    • Darryl

      I hope it kicks you off in the right direction. Happy Monday to you.