Make it Happen Monday: Paint a Smile on the World

I’ve mentioned this previously in a few social media posts, but I really would like to Paint a Smile on the World.  I’m not sure exactly how to describe it, but I get an overwhelmingly great feeling throughout my body when I pass by people who are laughing and smiling together.  Call me corny, but it really does light me up and I love it when these emotions over-come me.

We’re all here for a very short amount of time, and we really do need to make the most of it.  Spending our days smiling and laughing…or downright rolling on the floor hysterically, is a pretty nice way to journey along.  The journey really is the destination now, isn’t it?

As cycling fanatics, I know how easily a bike ride can paint a smile on your face….so maybe that’s the answer. We simply need to get everyone on a bike, right?  Man, wouldn’t that be something great.  Of course, this is my first suggestion….but what else can be done?

How else can I go about painting a smile on the world? If you saw the movie “Hancock” a few years ago you would have seen them paint a heart on the moon. Painting an actual smile on planet Earth is only something possible in the movies, and to be honest….it wouldn’t have the same effect that I’m going for anyway.  So what do I do?

The answer hit me last night when I was laying with my Son.  We’ve started this new thing where each night I share a little bit of Daddy Wisdom with him.  Yeah, this is a super cool idea and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be sharing this with him each night.  Anyway, last night’s nugget of wisdom was this:

“Go out tomorrow, and every other day, with the intention of making someone smile.”

It was as simple as that, and I went on to explain that he could even just smile at people and that I was pretty sure they would smile right back at him.  On top of all that, I explained that by giving out smiles he was going to make others feel good…..and that it would make him feel great as well.  Like they say, “We don’t smile because we’re happy…we’re happy because we smile”.

So the answer I received to this question of how to successfully paint a smile on the world, was to give them away and then hope that it is continued to be paid forward.  So go on now….give out your smiles. Together let’s place a great big one on the world.

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  1. Darryl, your pictures and always upbeat attitude always makes me smile. Along with many other twitter cyclist. I.e. @reasons2ride, @twittyboyd, Krissy, Miss Kay along with many others on twitter cyclist. I get a big smile every day when I get home and see my grand-kids come running for a big hug. Life is Short and so am I, so why not have fun with the time we have.
    I like the world with a SMILIE Face. May steal that from you for a t-shirt, if you don’t mind??

  2. I meant to tell you yesterday how much I love you sharing Daddy Wisdom with Indie.  I’ve really noticed how much he loves it, and how it’s boosted his confidence.  He likes being treated like a man, and he’s definitely taking in every word you say to him.  

    Thanks for being such an awesome Dad, and for inspiring so many other people to be better. You are definitely helping paint a smile on the world! I Love You.

  3. I always have a smile on my face when I’m out riding and I think it helps make others smile when they see my cruising by.  Another way I try to put a smile on the world is by finding small ways to make people happy and by paying it forward.

  4. I think doing what this blog suggests is the most important thing that someone can do for another. It really hits home to me, as so many of Darryl’s posts do, because it is what I committed to Pamela (my wife) that I would try to do every day for her, for the rest of our lives. I am afraid I get selfish and fall a little short from time to time, but, it is great to be reminded.
    Nice post my friend.

  5. 7-simple rules of Joel

    I open doors and invite all others to pass…
    I ask if you need help when it appears your carrying more than your load…
    If you ask for help, my answer will be yes…
    I stop to make sure all is ok…
    I do not judge, I do not mock…
    I make it clear, I am your biggest fan…
    I share many smiles each and every day…

    Happy Riding my friends, and enjoy your week…

  6. One summer I had a similar idea. Every time I would go to the grocery store I would buy popsicles. Then on the way home I would look for homes or lots where they were doing construction and I would drop the whole box with the first people I saw on the site.  The smiles I got in the heat of the day were awesome.