Make it Happen Monday: Simple Life Part 2

Last week’s Make it Happen Monday post was all about Living Simply in a not so simple Society and it sure did generate a lot of great feedback.  Some people left comments on the post, but a few others e-mailed me with fantastic personal feelings and their craving for a more simple life.  After seeing all of this pour in, I just had to come back with round two on this subject.

This time around, I’d like to share some “simple life” thoughts from my friend and Cycling 360 co-host Rob Grissom as well as tell you about a great little video called “The Story of Stuff”.  I’m also going to provide a suggestion that can be used to help move you towards a more simple life….if that’s what you’re looking for.

Okay, so my buddy Rob Grissom surprised me with some very personal comments and thoughts on the subject of Simplicity and living a happy life.  It really moved me and I asked if I could share some of his e-mail in this follow-up post.  After thinking about it a little, he agreed and here is what he had to say:

I have had the fortune of working with professionals all over the world.

This has made my life rich and interesting to say the least. I can say

that the drive to do well in life isn’t just a North American desire. I

have seen many a man and woman driven to do well in life. Did they have

the same conveniences we do in North America? No. At times I was even

reminded by superiors not to discuss the conveniences I have been

afforded with my counter parts over seas.

Something I read recently was that our founding fathers here in the US

never once guaranteed us happiness only the freedom to pursue it. I know

this isn’t the point of the post but interesting none the less.

I think what has happened at least in the US is that we have forgotten to

value the “freedom” to pursue our happiness. I believe that this

forgetfulness is due in part to what the mass market wants us to believe

is happiness.

- Rob Grissom

 How to Live Simply:

So how exactly do you start living a more simple life anyway?  I really think that is up to you and you’ll know which things need to be scaled down and adjusted to start making it happen.  But there is some great advice offered by Clay and Judy Woods on their website, “Thoughts on Voluntary Simplicity“. What they suggest is this simple exercise:

Make a list of the ten activities you enjoy most. Then make another list of the ten activities that occupy most of your time. Compare the two lists. This little self test may be all you need to convince you to jump off the merry-go-round.

The Story of Stuff

I was introduced to this video about 5 years ago and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.  It’s hard to deny the fact that simplicity is the key after watching this one (It’s a little long at 21 minutes, but worth it):


So as we relax and enjoy today’s Labor Day here in North America…..keep your thoughts on living the simple life and what that means to you.

  • Joel Phillips

    Great follow up to last week’s post.  As I was reading this I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.  I tend to view the world through a different set of eyes than most, and find a lot of irony in what you’ve written.  When I think of simplifying my life, I have thoughts of doing away with all the “noise” that interferes with what makes my soul happy, (family time & enjoying the outdoors).  Through mistakes and conscious decisions I’ve eliminated, what I identified, as most of the “noise”.  Cutting expenses to the minimum, organizing weekly dinners at mom’s house and earning income on MY terms.  Some of my friends and family call me a rebel, and I can understand why.  Most of society would probably call me a rebel, UNLESS I was over 60 & retired.  Then, they would say I am, “livin’ the good life”.  Which is what I find more than mildly ironic.  If it’s something we all aspire for anyway, then why do we wait so long?  

    I don’t know, maybe I am missing something here, but it seems to me I hear more people say they, “really do prefer the simple things in life”, but there are very few actually putting that into practice.

    Happy Riding Darryl…….  

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yes, I’d say you are living a simple life for sure.  You’ve got the focus, motivation, and right attitude… to see it, Joel.