Simplicity….On and Off the Bike

I’ve always felt like Simplicity is the key to a happy and successful life.  I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping things as simplified as possible, but feel that I need to go even further to really get the full benefits of what this way of life has to offer.

There’s already been a few posts by me praising the notion of living a simple life, but I’ve never really talked about how the bicycle, and riding a bike fits so perfectly into the whole simplicity mix.  I’m still moving towards a much more car-lite lifestyle, and those who are already there can attest to the feeling of simplicity that it provides.  Living without a vehicle might not be as handy in some instances, but I think the peace of mind and freedom goes a long way in making up for it.

Even the bike itself is a product of simplicity.  Sure, they have become more complex over the years….but in the end they really are just two wheels on a frame.  A bike might require a few repairs and regular maintenance, but looking after it is so much more simplified then looking after a vehicle.

I sit and watch my two year old Son, and see how such simple things fascinate and entertain him.  Then I watch us adults, and see how we need all this “Stuff” to entertain us.  My Wife said it best a few weeks ago, when she said we all need to just “Be” more often. We’re so caught up in our fast paced lives that we never get a chance to let things simmer and just be for a little while each day.

Yeah, lucky for us….we have our bike rides that allow us freedom, simplicity, and the ability to just “be” for a little while.  Try extending that into the other parts of your life, and I’m pretty sure you’ll experience how that feeling on the bike transcends into the other areas as well.

  • IWearSpandex

    It’s simple…use the simple bike to make life more simple. I agree, we have too much “stuff” to keep us entertained. I find that if I focus on riding my bike more, the extra stuff gets pushed away. That’s what I do when the extra stuff starts crowding things. And life gets simple again.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks for your comments on this one. Good stuff.

  • radar50

    I have a hard time just “being”. Short attention span I guess. That reminds me I gotta go find my inner Zen!

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I hear you….my attention span makes this difficult as well. But on the bike it seems so easy to get into that zen-like state. I’m still working at finding ways to get there when I’m off the bike as well.

  • Kimstrong

    Its amazing how much you appreciate when on a bike! all thoughts leave your mind & you are just there riding along!

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yes, it’s a great feeling and it cannot really be described….it simply just has to be experienced.

  • Erin

    I like the idea of remembering to just be more often. I feel I’m that way when on my bicycle, but I need to be that way more when doing other things as well. Thank you for this post.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks Erin. I think you and I have the same battle. Good luck at finding ways of just being while off the bike as well.