What’s Your Number 1 Motivator to Ride?

Even if you’re loving the bike, there may be days when you require some extra motivation to get out there and ride.  Maybe it’s because you’re having a busy day, not feeling 100%, or just not as psyched as you usually are.  Whatever the reason, there’s likely going to be days when you have to tap into your number one motivator to get you out there.

Motivation to Bicycle

Between my work as a personal trainer and questions that have come in through this website, I’ve worked with a lot of people who require a little more motivation to Make it Happen than some of you may need.  The first thing I always ask is for them to tell me what their reason is for riding a bike.  But then I make them dive a little deeper.

If they say they want to ride a bike to improve their health, I ask what specific aspects of their health they want to improve.  If it’s to become a competitive cyclist, I ask them to give me a specific goal they want to achieve in this area.  No matter what the general reason is, there’s always a specific number 1 reason that is the ultimate motivator.

I once was working with someone and when I asked him to give me his motivator he told me it was to get in better shape.  As we whittled things down to a more specific reason, he told me that his ultimate reason to ride a bike was so he could have more energy to play with his kids.  He also added that he wanted to improve his health so that he could make sure he was around to see them grow older and have families of their own.  Now, whenever he needs help getting out there for a ride…all he has to do is think about his family and he’s out there pounding the pedals.

So what is your number one ultimate reason for riding a bike?  Get as specific as you can and hold that one reason in your mind.  Any time you need extra motivation to get out and ride (or push things a little harder once you’re out there), picture that reason and you’re guaranteed to Make it Happen.

  • Tony L

    I ride for the pleasure of it. Every time I am on my bike I have the sensation that I am flying, not soaring up, but flying along six feet above the ground. It’s incredible and keeps me coming back. I don’t have to go any place or see sights, I just love the ride.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Sounds like you’re definitely Loving the Bike, Tony.

  • Carlos R

    Summer plans to climb Lagos de Covadonga, Mont Ventoux or Galibier make me jump on the saddle right off my bed!

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Sounds like an awesome plan, Carlos.

  • Koifla

    I enjoy pain. Giving and receiving.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Hmmm, not sure how to respond to that one.

  • Lance Dunn

    Just going ‘out for a ride’ isn’t enough for me. I thrive on structured training. Some people hate intervals and hill repeats. I love them!

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Intervals are great…..keep on loving the hill repeats and intervals.

  • http://www.bant-shirts.com BanTshirts

    I NEED to do exercise. I get tense and stressed when I don’t exercise for 2 days or more, if I don’t do anything in weeks I start getting migraines. I used to run but my knees are no longer up to the job. So now I stick to cycling.
    But it’s not just to stay fit, it’s also because I want to stay slim I’ve never been a big guy, but like most people I had a few extra pounds I neede to lose and cycling did that for me.
    But maybe the biggest thing is just being able to GET AWAY. When I’m on my bike it’s like I’ve escaped from all else, I’m riding down country lanes with the wind in my face, and it’s like the best drug in the world.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I love it….thanks for sharing your comments. Keep on loving the bike…..and creating great T-shirts.

  • Over 40 Cyclist

    My motivation is because I love it. I’ve tried jogging and I’ve tried swimming, but both of those I did purely because I felt I had to for the exercise. As soon as I started cycling I knew I’d found something that I’d do because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. And the only way to keep it up for years into the future is to love it. If you feel you have to you’ll never keep it up long term.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      You sound a lot like me. When I found cycling, I knew it was the one for me. Thanks for your comments.

  • http://profiles.google.com/siouxgeonz Susan Jones

    It gets me there!

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      ….and more. Thanks, Susan.

  • http://twitter.com/Cherylbikes CCarmo

    BC survivor. Began on recumbent bike and gradually regained strength. Hubby was so proud he bought me a new hybrid. Encouragement motivated me. Still working on it! Bicycling was/is my best therapy.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      You know it….the best therapy out there. Thanks for your comments.

  • Tom

    Mine has always been better health but thanks to cycling I feel I am there. Now I ride to make sure I don’t go back to where I was before.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Keep those thoughts in your mind if you’re ever having trouble getting motivated. Thanks, Tom.

  • Steve

    I usually think that my motivator is because I enjoy it. But there are days when I am not motivated to ride my bike. On those days I tell myself how good I’m going to feel when I’m done and that gets me out there riding my bike.

    • http://www.cyclelicio.us/ Cyclelicious

      What Steve wrote — I always feel good about a bike ride, even if I don’t feel like it at first.

      • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

        Yeah, it’s always a great feeling. Thanks, Richard….and thanks for promoting this post on your site. Rock on.

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Exactly….I hear you loud and clear, Steve.