When the Universe Speaks…

…you just have to listen.  A few years ago, I signed up for something called “Notes from the Universe” being offered from www.tut.com.  I don’t remember how  I came across it, but I’ve really loved getting these personal notes each and every week.

Notes from The Universe

I realize that it’s a genius form of marketing that allows these guys to build their mailing list and consistently send out information on workshops, sessions, and other things they’re trying to promote.  But the weekly messages are so incredible and inspiring that it’s totally worth it.

Mike Dooley is the creator of TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and I really dig the message he is spreading to the world.

I’m not sure what your beliefs are, but if you feel that the power of the Universe can be used to achieve the things you want in life….then this is for you.

Last week I received another note that stopped me in my tracks.  It really did.  Each week, the messages are great….but every so often I get one that totally hits home.  Here’s what I received:

Darryl, here’s a hint on figuring out your life’s purpose:

It almost never lies behind the door marked, “Just be logical.”

Darryl, just busy yourself doing what you most want, among the choices now before you, and before long your life’s purpose will find you.


The Universe

 If you’d like to start receiving notes like this each week, you can register here.  Mike Dooley has a Make it Happen attitude and I hope you enjoy these notes as much as I do.

  • http://www.reasons2ride.com/ Joel Phillips

    Is the universe big or small, relative I guess, When I think about traveling from star to star, it’s hard not to think about great distances, yet when the universe speaks to us it’s as if we are singled out, making things seem a bit smaller, less scary. Fitting really, you’re up to big things Darryl, and that can be a scary proposition sometimes, it’s nice to know the universe has got your back! Good stuff dude, Ride ON!