Behind The Bike Hut Part II

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This post was first published on October 9th 2012. 

Due to race schedule issues this interview has not been recorded yet but I’m hoping to get it in the can within the next week. With that in mind, I’m taking the liberty of bumping this post back to the forefront of your minds and get you thinking about Cyclocross questions. The star of this interview is not heavily disguised and I’m sure you are all aware of how much of a personality this person has. I really want to make this an interview to remember so get commenting at the bottom and check out the videos for inspiration. 


With the rain and the mud approaching, there are many out there turning their sights towards the CX season.  Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned cross fanatic one of the greatest things about cyclocross is the fun that’s clear to see on everyone’s face; riders and spectators alike.  And from what I have seen, there is no other place in the world more wacky to cyclocross race than the United States.

This is why I am very excited about an up and coming interview with a certain US Cyclocross champion who shall remain nameless(!)  Now I know a thing or two about cross racing but only from watching it.  I have never gotten myself intentionally dirty (you’ve seen the new LTB road kit…I like to stay clean on the bike!), so I need some help from the LovingTheBike collective.

I’m sure you all have some burning questions you’d love to ask a pro cyclist, some cycling related, otherwise maybe not so.  Now is your chance.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who this interview is going to be with, but let’s just say he’s a real character and I’m sure he will take any questions from his cycling fans in the good faith they are intended…within reason!

So here is your assignment – get commenting below and leave me your questions.  They can be serious, funny, though-provoking…but let’s stay away from weird!  I hope to have the fruits of your labour poster here very soon.

In the meantime, check out this COMPLETELY unrelated website of CX star Jeremy Powers and the fantastic Behind The Barriers show below, now in it’s 3rd season.


  • Stevie Dexter

    Keep them coming guys. Still time to get a question in.

  • Peter M

    I’d like to know how I can ease my way into cyclocross without spending too much money. What are the essentials to start with and what can I leave out to save money/

  • John

    Where is the best cyclocross course he’s ridden?

    • Ashley Hill

      I already know that answer: Gloucester.

  • JD

    So it looks like this is going to be with Jeremy Powers. Can you ask him what he likes to do in the off season and how long that lasts for him.

  • Ashley Hill

    How about: 5 things he wished he knew when he started, you know to help all of us beginner CX’ers