Make it Happen Monday: Live

A limit set by yourself

Intrusion of your life by someone else

Creating trouble when joy is an easy option

Harsh words

Affecting the lives of Children who can’t defend themselves

Causing disorder

Shattering dreams through jealousy

Causing problems through ignorance

Implementing regulations which create a need for more regulations

Living a Life instead of Creating a Life

Giving into the Rat race

Forgetting your dreams….more importantly….What you believe in

Remembering the Golden Rule

Remembering who you wanted to be and knowing it’s still attainable

Never letting others affect your character

Believing in the Universe

Believing in your Dreams


Improving your own life and those closest to you

Letting others do their own thing……we are all different

Loving Children…..they are the ones who will be taking over

Create your own culture

Dare, Risk, Have Courage

You will never be as Young as you are today

Life is full of paths, trails, passages, and journeys

Choices are part of every day…..every minute

One direction may get re-routed, but the journey continues

Old Pathways are still open

Conformity is good and bad, choose the right ones

Getting along is much more fun then the alternative

There is only one thing we were meant to do


  • Joel Phillips