Make it Happen Monday: Power of Believing

Whoa……Hold on…..These fingers that I’m typing with right now are full of power and able to do amazing things.  That’s right, I have enough energy and power in one of these fingers to create all that I’ve ever wanted in life…..and more.

Believe it…’s true.  We all have an infinite amount of inner power to create the things we’ve always wished for and dreamed of.  If I speak the truth, how come we aren’t all living how we want?  Belief, Focus, Hard Work, Practice…..That’s why.  We don’t get all the things we want because we don’t believe we can have them…..we do not constantly focus on them……we do not work hard at mastering the techniques to attract them……and we do not practice these techniques in order to become a master.

Now you can choose to believe it or not.  You can choose to accept that you can’t have all you want because “the world does just not work that way”…..Or you can believe in the concept of Absolute Abundance and the Law of Attraction.  It’s up to you.  But what I am telling you is that if you choose to accept the fact that you can have all you desire, then it is possible to achieve all this with your little finger.  That’s right.  You possess a lot more power to achieve then you give yourself credit for……I know it’s a lot more than I give myself credit for.

You CAN complete an Ironman.  You CAN make more money.  You CAN become car-less.  You CAN become a faster rider.  You CAN…..

Learn the techniques (they are posted all over the internet), Dig deep inside yourself, Practice………….BELIEVE.


  • Joel Phillips

    Darryl, you hit the nail square on the head with this post.Drive, Determination, Focus, Strength and belief; all words associated with greatness, all interdependent on each other.  Belief, the key to making everything come together.  I had drive, determination, focus and strength, I was also blessed with intelligence and raw athletic ability.  What I didn’t have, until recently, was belief, belief that I had the power to do whatever I choose.  I was audacious enough to believe that it was the world beating me down.  I looked everywhere to find reasons and excuses for my failures, everywhere but inward.  I found my belief was being overshadowed by my attitude.  An attitude focused on the wrong reality.  I realized I had been spending years believing I was an underachiever, and without even trying, my drive, strength and determination followed suit and I was a tremendous success at underachieving.  All it took was a little spark to change everything.  For me it was riding a bike and building on a sense of accomplishment.  I learned to dig deep and tap into resources I never realized I had at my disposal.  My attitude changed and I began to believe.  Sure, life still beats me around a bit, but I have been practicing for years to deal with those punches and I am well conditioned to receive them.  However, a black eye now and then only strengthens my belief and my resolve.  I have a long steep path in front of me to reach my dreams, but believing is making them come true.  I used to feel life was an endless storm, with no hope of the sun shining, now I believe in the words of Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore, “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky”.Great job, once again.Happy Riding

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Joel, you realize that even your comments make for a super inspiring and motivating post all of it’s own.  I really appreciate you leaving such a beautiful comment and adding additional fuel to Make it Happen Monday.

  • Greg

    “Believe it…’s true.”Why is it true? How do you know it is true? These are things I’d be interested to know…

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      That’s deep, dude.  I’m not exactly sure how to answer this, but I’m sure that a quick chat with the Universe would clear things up.