Please BE KIND to Cyclists

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  • Funance

    I have a couple stickers on my cars. I love the message and the bumper sticker is easy to read. Hopefully even when I driving, people are reading and I am spreading the message.

  • Courtneyatx25

    excellent group! power in numbers to create awareness with a simple, consistent message. love it!

  • Jim @bikerly

    I like it Darryl. Same is true with running. Lately I’ve been happy to be wearing mittens after I give motorists (who are not so kind) the mid finger salute.

    So, I’m doing my part by wearing mittens I guess? In general we all could use the reminder to be kind – regardless of situation – thanks for the reminder!

    I salute you :)

  • CalebSimpson

    I definitely support this initiative…. having been hit by a car myself I can’t, not support it. I was fortunate enough to be hit by a turning car that struck my front wheel, I wasn’t clipped in either, so I went flipping over the car and landed on the other side of the street. Had I been hit directly on the side or been clipped in I might not be so fortunate. It’s definitely ramps of the nerves though when I ride in traffic now. I stick to side streets as much as possible now.

  • Cassi

    A good sentiment/message and – especially like the word choice promoted … be kind.

  • Anonymous

    That looks like a great organization to support.

    @Tim: I’m doing my first benefit ride this Spring.

  • Tim Starry

    Went on my first benefit ride last spring. That was a fun day. Looks like this year’s ride will be awesome.

    I echo Darryl. You can’t go wrong supporting this organization.