Team Strava

Many readers will already be using Strava… but it just got better! 

If you have not experienced the wonders of Strava then I urge you to stop what you are doing… yes that means everything… go away and sign up and then come back as your riding experience has just got better. Whenever I try to describe Strava to someone who is not in the know I usually start by saying, “It’s like Facebook but for cyclists… and its better”. It’s a place for riders (and runners) to come together, share rides, routes, pain and glory all packaged in a user-friendly site. Strava increases its user friendliness by incorporating ‘plug and play’ style connectivity for a range of bike computers as well as having superb smartphone apps meaning everyone can be part of the action.images

The bike-mad Mark Beaconsfield (@Lycra_Loony) came up with the idea of having LovingTheBike and #bikeschool Strava Clubs for riders everywhere to join and share in the glory of keeping the rubber side down. In my eyes this idea steps Mark up from bona fide cycle nut to gold standard nogging-box genius and will rightly so be entered into the LTB hall of fame!

Although part of the fun of Strava is competing against friends on local routes and roads with the leader boards and ‘segments’ it’s a great tool to measure you performance against others but above all share what you are doing and get some props for the hard work you put in!

With #30daysofbiking just around the corner and people signing up everyday to compete as part of Team #LovingTheBike there is no better time to join us on Strava to keep yourself motivated and put into perspective the amount of riding you can achieve in a month. It’s going to be a hard month and from experience, any way of staying motivated during #30daysofbiking is a bonus as it really is a commitment to your bike, your health and generally having fun.

So whether you are going to be part of Team #LovingTheBike or you just want to connect with bike riders from all over the world, join us on Strava and be part of LovingTheBike and #bikeschool.


  • Joshua Mitchell

    Any chance there’s going to be an auto-port from Strava to #30daysofbiking?

    • Stevie Dexter

      Howdy Joshua. That would be super cool and I’m sure it’s something the #30daysofbiking guys have thought about but we won’t be able to arrange that sort of thing. There’s a pretty simple sign up process for #30days… it shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    There is a LTB hall of fame? Cool! I would like to thank the academy…. Really, I would mostly like to thank my bike, and all the wonderful people I have connected with through #bikeschool and LovingtheBike. Now, get out there, have fun, and show us all what you can do. And, as always, Ride Safe.

    • Stevie Dexter

      Well said Sir Loony