The Legacy of London 2012

Track cycling is harder to get into if on;y because there are not always the facilities locally but I think along with Bradley Wiggins’ & Team Sky’s dominance in Le Tour de France, the track racing will have the biggest impact on attracting new riders and their bikes into exercise and competition.

The Fans

All of the athletes, regardless of nationality have commented on how loud and supportive the crowds at London 2012 have been.  Yes we’ve been screaming like crazy for Team GB but all the other nations have been suitably supported by everyone at the stadia (if you discount the moron who threw the bottle at Tyson Gay).  We are a proud and patriotic nation about this event has taken it to new levels not experienced since…well I don’t know when…maybe V.E. Day!

It already feels like the whole country has found out about the secret a few of us have been hiding… that cycling is great, and they are now about to spoil it by increasing its popularity and exposure.

I had that feeling once with a band. Mr Hudson & The Library.  Awesome early stuff and Ben Hudson was a genius.  I saw them play in a tiny, grimy venue in the back-end of Portsmouth and danced till I could sweat no more.  Well that Ben Hudson got a bit famous..and Kanye West decided he wanted Ben to produce his new album and wrote a track with him.  Ben became rubbish.  He was nothing like he had begun all those years before and I missed that artist that I had loved so much.  I resented that others had found out about Mr Hudson & The Library and in time, their popularity and success had been the catalyst for change…and I’d lost my favourite band.  I’d post some of his original stuff here…but I think it’d make me cry.  Go look it up.

So I hope that the Olympic’s will not be my Kanye and spoil what I love.  I have every faith that it will only increase cycling in a positive way because I don’t want to be the one to lose faith after the ‘awkward second album’.

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