Developing a Love for Mountain Biking

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what I am learning so that you can hopefully avoid crashing into trees.  Thus far my lessons learned have been pretty simple. Your bars are wider than on a road bike…watch out for trees.  Clipping in is scary again…watch out for trees.  Leaning forward when you jump is not a good idea…watch out for trees.  Jumping stuff is awesome…watch out for trees.

Be sure to stay tuned for more lessons on mountain biking.  If you are already well versed in the art of mountain biking, then shame on you for not trying to tell me about how awesome it is sooner.

Loving the Bike, as always…


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  • Steve

    Mountain biking is a lot of fun but I feel I get a better workout on my road bike. I do get out once in a while but still prefer riding the road.

  • Collin Stringer

    I started as a roadie, but thankfully a friend led me into mountain biking in my early twenties. I’m now in my late 40′s and split time on the road and trails about half and half – enjoying the best of both worlds! However, when I’m zipping along on sweet singletrack, dodging trees instead of cars, and listening to my favorite tunes, I’m reaching peaks that simply cannot be summited on asphalt.

    • Singletracks Dot Com

      Well said!

  • John

    I recently took up mountain biking myself. I still like riding my road bike but it is nice to mix things up with both types of riding. I’m not as aggressive as I’d like to be yet on my mountain bike but I’m working on it.