Nutrition Tip December 11 2010

Fruit Juice

Remember juice glasses?  The ones your Grandma had in her cupboard and held ~4-6 ounces?  In most kitchens, these are long gone.  When you pour yourself a glass of juice, you’re getting the same calories and grams of carbohydrates (without any of the fiber) you’d find in a piece of fruit, FOR EVERY 4 OUNCES OF JUICE!  So, pour yourself 12 ounces, and you’ve got ~180 calories/45 grams carbs/0 grams fiber…16 ounces, ~240 calories/60 grams carbs/0 grams fiber.  You get the point.  And sure, you’re also getting vitamin C and possibly some healthy components found in fruit – but not much compared to eating a whole fruit that’s full of fiber and phytochemicals.  Juice is delivered to your blood stream VERY fast and causes a big need for extra insulin, which equals extra fat storage.

By Kelli Jennings of

  • Myrna CG Mibus

    I mix up my OJ in a container that has ounce markings on the side. When I pour my juice I make sure I just get 4 oz. Doesn’t seem like enough, especially when I see how little I have in my glass, so I add sparkling water to the top of my glass and have sparking OJ in the morning.