Nutrition Tip February 12 2011


Comments: Regular cheese is going to be high-fat (saturated) no matter how you slice it.  As long s you don’t overdo it, it can still be part of a healthy diet.  Part-skim cheeses, like most available mozzarella, are lower in fat and calories than most cheeses.  Some brands, like Kraft, have calcium-fortified cheeses (“double the calcium”) that can be a good choice if you or a family member don’t get enough calcium through other dairy products but is willing to eat a serving of cheese.  All in all, a portion-controlled 1-oz. serving can make a great snack.  However, in order to not overdo the fat, cholesterol, or sodium, keep cheese-dependent dinners (such as pizza, lasagna, casseroles, etc), to 1-2x/week.  And, try using a smaller amount of a sharper (longer-aged) cheese rather than more of a milder cheese for the same taste effect.

What to buy: Regular cheese, use in moderation

What to leave: Processed cheese (may have colorings, preservatives, partially-hydrogenated oils, etc)

By Kelli Jennings of