Nutrition Tip June 12 2010

Are Energy Gels for you?

A lot of cyclists are now using energy gels (GU, Clif Shot and Shot Bloks, Honey Stinger)….but do you know why?

Well, the main reason of course is to gain some energy (hence the name).  These products are designed to help your performance by replenishing glucose during hard workouts.  The tricky part is knowing how much carbohydrate replenishment your body needs.  These gels can really help you out on a grueling ride, or they can rip your gut apart.  There’s a fine line between maximizing your energy repletion and minimizing gastrointestinal discomfort.  The experts say that the optimal intake is 60 grams per hour (which gives you 240 calories), but it would be best to start low and experiment with what works best for you.  Read the posts and stories about energy gels, and be sure to test them out before using them for a big ride or race day.