Nutrition Tip November 27 2010

High Sodium Foods

I know…when you’re watching what you eat, high-salt foods can rear their ugly head and start screaming for your attention.  And, the more you eat, the more you want.  Are you just low on willpower?  Believe it or not, sodium actually has addictive qualities that make you absolutely want, or even need, more.   The good news?  The opposite is also true.  You can retrain your brain and your taste buds to not need so much salt.  Start choosing fresh foods instead of processed ones and don’t automatically reach for the shaker.  Before you know it, you won’t need it.

By Kelli Jennings of

  • bob rogers

    Good Post Darryl, all true. We very seldom eat out and never use added salt during cooking. If you just have to have salt, put in on the outside of the food on your plate, where a little goes a long way toward satisfying your craving.

    Cyclists should remember that they need electrolytes when exercising vigorously. We mix our own using frozen juice concentrate, water and low sodium salt which has a lot of potassium, much needed by muscles.