Nutrition Tip September 18 2010

Three simple tips to decrease saturated fat, sugar, refined starch, and trans-fat intake:

• Shop the exterior of the grocery store where most foods are unprocessed.

• Avoid boxed and bagged (processed) products – snack on nuts, fruits, and veggies rather than potato chips. Eat a homemade dinner rather than one out of a box or drive-through window.

• Minimize fast food – cook at home.

  • Aaron

    If you are going to take-out, do so where you can see what is inside and measure calories. I work and go to school full-time, so it is pretty much impossible for me to cook everything at home. I do what I can to bring food and rely on healthier fast food restaurants when needed. Good examples are Panera, Chipotle and Moe’s, if you order the right thing.

  • Karen

    I have a cancerous nodule in my lymph node in my neck. This is my 4th time dealing with thyroid cancer.
    In December of last year I was sent to Toronto for a PETscan. This past summer, I was sent for a follow up ultra sound for the surgeon to determine whether it was safe to go in and take it out.
    It had shrunk in size.

    When I told her and also the endocrinologist that I had drastically changed my eating from a diet heavy in processed foods to one in which I only ate vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, chicken, plain yogurt and yes, real butter and I also switched to drinking green tea, the both of them merely shrugged their shoulders and told me that that had nothing to do with it. Then what did it? Again, shrugged shoulders.

    I firmly believe that my diet did it. I didn’t change anything else except add almost daily walking workouts on my treadmill.

    Franken-food can kill you.
    Real food can heal you.
    So can moving around whether it’s on your own two feet or two wheels (which I’m now doing also)

    Have a great, healthful day!