Which Eggs are Best?

What are the best type of eggs to eat, and should I include them in my diet?

Kelli’s Answer:

Some eggs have a higher concentration of omega-3s than other eggs because the chickens that produced them were fed a vegetarian diet that contained omega-3s.  However, since these omega-3s are from flax and vegetarian sources, and not fish, there isn’t sufficient evidence to support their cardiovascular and health benefits (these benefits have been shown in research with fish oils).  Yet, since our bodies convert small amounts of these omega-3s into the same ones found in fish, there definitely could be some benefit.

These fats, along with healthy fat-soluble vitamins, are found in the yolks.  Therefore, when you buy a product like Egg-Beaters, you will only get the protein from the egg and not the healthy (and unhealthy) fats.  For those with high cholesterol, regular eggs + egg whites can still be a good choice, just keep it to 1-2 yolks or less per day. And, always buy cage-free, organic eggs when possible – this will cut down your risk of salmonella significantly.

What to buy: Omega-3 eggs if found at a reasonable price ($2.00 or less for me), Any cage-free, organic eggs.

What to leave: More than 2 egg yolks per day if you have high-cholesterol, high-priced omega-3 eggs with 300 mg Omega-3s or less.

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