My Friends Have Some Wicked Custom Livestrong Bikes

You’ve all likely seen the beautiful custom bikes that Lance had created for the 2009 race season and the “It’s about the Bike Auction“, but have you seen these? A few of my friends have their very own custom Livestrong bikes that are just as unique, and wicked cool.

Jon Binsted (aka @LIVESTRONGTEXAS)

Bike: 2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

And if that isn’t enough, Jon’s actually got a second custom Livestrong bike. This one he has retired and has hanging on his wall.

Bike: Centurion Steel frame painted by

Chris Gomez (aka @scratchex)

Austin photographer, Chris Gomez, has an awesome custom made Livestrong bike as well. His MashSTRONG bike has got to be the coolest Fixie that you’ve ever seen, right? This thing is absolutely beautiful and has pretty much become more of a piece of art than a means of transportation for Chris.

Bike: 2009 53 cm Cinelli frame and fork

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