Greatest Cyclist of All Time

It’s a loaded question, but who do you feel is the Greatest Cyclist of All Time…and why?  Labelling someone the Greatest was not something I was willing to do on my own, so I left this one up to a panel of expert judges to do it for me.  Here’s a look at who was involved, and what they came up with.

The Panel

The panel we used to determine who would be called the Greatest of All Time included cycling celebrities, #bikeschool classmates, and other bike lovers.  The cycling celebrities featured the likes of pro rider and Boo Bicycles owner, Nick Frey, cycling celebrity Ryan van Duzer, some of my amateur and semi-pro racing friends, as well as couple kings of the cycling blog world: Fat Cyclist and Wade from Cycling Tips.

In total, we took the responses of our panel made up of 100 cycling fanatics and the results were quite interesting.  When each of these people were asked who they felt was the greatest cyclist of all time, not once did we mention that it had to be a pro cyclist…..but it’s funny how the majority of responders included one as their reply.

Okay, so here is the top 5 Greatest Cyclists of All Time as selected by our panel.  We’ve also included a few of the responses as to why certain cyclists were selected, so be sure to check out the quotes and comments below.

Top 5 Cyclists of All Time:

5.  Cadel Evans

4.  Danny MacAskill

3. Fausto Coppi

2.  Lance Armstrong

1. Eddy Merckx

This is obviously an interesting list and the reasons why people selected who they did is even more interesting.

“Lance might be the best Tour de France champion of all time, but the greatest cyclist has got to be Eddy Merckx.  No question.”

- Victor from @bicyclelab


“I never saw Merckx race in his day and only saw a bit of footage and read a lot. I never really connected with him (even though I was lucky enough to have lunch with him a few years back where I heard many of the stories from his own mouth!”

- Wade from Cycling Tips

I loved this response from the king of cycling comedy:

“I am the greatest cyclist of all time. Have Lance or Eddy ever finished an Ironman? Or the LT100 on a SS?  Have either ever podiumed at the Tour de Donut? Have either of them won a Bloggie?  I, on the other hand, have done ALL these things. While working a day job, mind you.”

- Elden from Fat Cyclist


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