Hashtag Tuesday: #ShutUpLegs

It’s got to be one of the most popular (and repeated) cycling quotes of all time….and who doesn’t just love that Jens Voigt dude?  You can’t keep an awesome quote like this one away from Twitter, and #shutuplegs has definitely become a well used hashtag.  But do you know the history of “Shut up Legs” or when it was first spoke?

I know I didn’t, so I went to my blog mentor, biking brainiac, and Cycling Tips mate to find out.  Wade is definitely a fan of Jens and those famous three words of his, and sells “Shut Up Legs” shirts over at his site.

Shut Up Body

Before “Shut Up Legs”, Jens actually used the phrase “Shut Up Body”.  He was caught on tape saying this during the 2008 Tour de France:

Shut Up Legs

But then later, at the 2010 Tour Down Under, he was filmed saying “Shut Up Legs”….and the rest is history.  This quote has totally blown up and can now be found on several different T-shirts (Do a Google search and you’ll find a bunch of options), website posts, and definitely on Twitter as the hashtag, #ShutUpLegs.

For more on Jens Voigt, check out the Jens Interview on Cycling Tips.