My TdF 2 Cents

With all the incredible coverage floating around out there about the Tour de France and all that has occurred, it’s tough to add anything new or fresh to the mix.  But what the heck, seeing as we’ve now completed the Prologue and 6 Stages, I thought I would lay down a few thoughts and words.

My general overview would be that it’s been a fairly calm first week.  Lots of crashes, some nice sprints, and a little bit of changeover in the yellow jersey….but all in all, I have an inkling to say that so far it has just occurred.  Now I say an inkling because although there has not been anything Earth shattering taking place, there is still that aura of magic that has filled the air.  There is just something about the Tour de France that sets it apart from any other cycling event.

Even an average stage where a break away occurs, followed by an attack, then a chase by the Peloton, followed by a sprint finish….feels so much more interesting and exciting when it happens in the Tour de France.  I can’t explain it, but I know you feel what I’m saying.  The TdF is just plain old magic happening at top speed.

My 2 Cents:

  • We do have a Canadian in the top 5…not sure how expected that one is, but I was pretty shocked to see Ryder Hesjedal of team Garmin in there.
  • And the Lanterne Rouge that people for some reason like to track, is now Jesus Hernandez Blazquez of team Astana.  He just took the honors over in today’s stage. This Red Lantern is for you, Jesus.

Please drop back on Monday when we’ll be posting our insiders view of Stage 9…the first of the Alpine stages.  This is where things start getting serious and my buddy, Chris Russell, takes us up close and personal with the Col de la Colombière and the rest of the stage.

It’s On.

  • Myrna CG Mibus

    I didn’t know what the Red Lantern was for so looked it up. Actually, I really don’t know anything about bike racing so am learning a lot of stuff. It’s kind of fun to follow what’s going on.

    • Darryl

      I always hear about more and more people getting addicted to following the Tour de France….there is just something about it.

  • VitaminLee

    Rootin n’ Tootin for the UNDERDOGS

    I’m so loving the bike that I’ve been keeping three eyes on the 2010 TdF and loving it. What speed! What stamina! What sportsmanship!

    So it’s my first year following the TdF but what I have consistently noticed is that all the commentators, for some reason, expect to see the same set of riders at the top of the pack. I understand their reasoning etc etc etc… but I can’t deny that it bothers me. Come on, all these phenomenal cyclists train to win so how about some confidence people. I was more than happy to hear the shock and awe when Ryder Hesjedal made the top 5, I understand that this may be temporary, but for me it’s very INSPIRING!!

    This tour has brought back to mind my old High School Motto “Labor Omnia Vincit – Hard Work Overcomes All Difficulties”

    • Darryl

      It’s one of those things that will just suck you in if you spend a little time with it. Something about the TdF that keeps you coming back to watch more. I’m happy you’ve gotten into it and I totally agree with what you said about all the riders having an equal shot at it.
      Let’s hope that a lot of yellow jersey shifting takes place over the next two weeks.