TdF in Pictures

Please head over to to check out more photos as well as some incredible pictures that were taken by Sirotti.

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  • VitaminLee

    Watching the TdF makes me anxious. The spectators drive me crazy, the way they step in the path of the cyclists and flay their arms about – I just about have an anxiety attack when I watch. Gotta love the Clean Bottle guy who’s always on a summit twirling – makes me giggle.

  • Loving the Bike

    Hahahaha, thanks Clive. I’m not much of an arguer, but I will get back to you with my thoughts. I totally agree that Dean started it by shoving his elbow into Renshaw’s face, but it wasn’t the headbutting that I feel he should have been tossed for.

    It was how he cut off Tyler Farrar and almost sent him into the railing at 70kph. That really could have been nasty.

    Thanks for providing the link and for leaving your “argument” here for me. You’re a great Loving the Bike friend and I can’t wait to ride with you.


  • Clive Chapman

    Awww, C’mon Darryl, it was the Kiwi who started it, no-one has said a word about that!

    What was Renshaw meant to do when the Kiwi rode at him? Take his hands off at that speed and fend him off? Nudging him with his head was about all he could do! It did look worse than it actually was though, don’t you think?

    I’ll agree his pissed off actions at blocking the second rider was out of order, but as I said on my Blog they’re all top class competitive animals and not babies, it’s rough out there!

    A banning was bang out of order and a relegation to the rear of the field was a more appropriate sanction.

    Here’s a great site that I follow by the way, just check out the live track link in the article, amazing technology!

    I’m looking forward to your rebuttal! I love a good sporting argument! :-)