Tour de France – Red, White and Blue…and Green…and Pink


The Pro peloton are usually a colourful bunch and this years Tour de France is no different. But who needs to take some advice from Europe’s fashion capitals and who are the trend setters?

 ag2r 2013

The ‘A Gé Deux Erre‘ name has been a part of the peloton since 1992 and previously had a quite tasteful blue/yellow/white colour combo. So nice were their jersey’s back then that they are some of the most visible ‘retro’ jerseys out on the roads of Europe.

Nowadays it’s a different matter! Although they are still rocking the brown shorts, we seem to have got used to their choice of hues and just accept them for what they are. This jersey is like the very ugly person who sits near you in the office – you understand that they need to be there and they perform a function… you’d just rather not look at them whilst they do it!

 argos 2013

Relative new boys to the peloton, Argos-Shimano are an evolution of Skil-Shimano who were always praised for a wonderful looking jersey. We did not have to endure the less than favourable 1t4i kit for too long before we got this offering.It’s not too busy and at the moment there isn’t a flood of white jerseys in the bunch so they are pretty easy to pick out, especially when the gigantic Marcel Kittell is hammering towards you like a streak of white lightning. They have similar colours to other teams but thankfully have thought about how to be different and thus stand out from the crowd.

 astana 2013

An individual colour in the peloton, Astana are easy to spot and have had a fairly consistent design over the years, which is a good sign of a strong design. They are a team that have not always been in the limelight for the right reasons and I’m sure they often wished they were able to blend into the crowd a little easier. With a strong team of all rounders at this years Tour except to see them in just about every situation other than a full on bunch sprint.

It’s become a classic due to its unchanged design and it’s easy to spot, so it does get at least two thumbs up.


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