All Geared Up: The Review


The great folks over at Outside PR represent some smoking good companies, and they recently sent the Loving the Bike team some items for review.  Instead of doing a separate post for each one, we thought we’d get all geared up with these great products and let you know what we think.  As with all our reviews over here at Loving the Bike, we give you our totally honest opinion and let you know why you should (or shouldn’t) go out and get one of these products for yourself.

We could have went into great detail on each product and give you absolutely everything you needed to know about them….and more.  But we know what people do when a very long post lays before them….you skim it.  So I got the feedback from our review crew and cut to the goods to provide you with a quick description, what we liked best, and what changes we’d recommend for each product.

Pearl Izumi Elite Jersey and Elite In-R-Cool Short

Description: The ELITE Series by Pearl Izumi is part of their line of gear targeted to the “dedicated athlete”.

What We Like: The first time I put on my new Pearl Izumi kit and walked outside, my kids saw me and said “Wow, Dad….you look awesome”….True Story. So it’s safe to say that these are some nice looking cycling clothes.  What me and the team liked best about it was the comfort.  It felt great on and off the bike. The Elite 3D Chamois is honestly the most comfortable we’d ever worn on our butts and can totally realize exactly why Pearl Izumi has carved out a great name for themselves.

One more thing that we really liked is the waterproof (sweat proof) zip pouch on the back of the jersey.  This was my first jersey with one of these on the back, and it is a great spot to store my ipod while riding.

We’ve already had some hot, hot days over here in Texas and the thin material and In-R-Cool technology sure feels good on days like this.  I know that this jersey will be my first choice as we creep into the 100+ degree days ahead.

Recommended Changes: The waterproof zip pouch is just barely big enough to fit an itouch.  We’d like to see the zipper another half inch longer.

The only other recommended change that we have on this one is graphics.  Not like this should be all that important, but we really like having cool designs and graphics on our clothing and the samples provided by Pearl Izumi were a little plain.

Ryders Eyewear

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