Are we Loving Nuun?

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Nuun Active Hydration


I have to start off by saying that although I’ve only used Nuun a handful of times, I am a huge fan of their product, company, and corporate culture. With that said, I promise this review will be completely un-biased and provide you with a real world look at their product. My review is from the perspective of a cyclist who loves the bike and is totally motivated to improve himself or herself and get the most out of their rides. A cyclist who is ready to challenge themselves to their personal max, and not necessarily a competitive rider.

Let me first tell you the concept behind Nuun. It is an electrolyte product “designed, formulated and tested to keep you optimally hydrated, wherever you are”. It is not a carbohydrate product, but can be used along with a carbohydrate drink should you need something for that purpose as well.

I’m going to tell you a little bit more about the company and why I love their culture so much, but let me get right into my actual review.

What Loving the Bike has to say

Like I said, I’ve only used Nuun a few times; about 7 times on the road, and once on the indoor trainer. But, each and every time, I have had an incredible ride. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that when I use Nuun, it honestly feels as if oxygen is being pumped into my bloodstream. I’m serious. I have visions of the O2 cells pumping through my veins. And of course, more oxygen in the blood means higher performance from the body. This is the experience I’ve had using Nuun on outdoor road rides. I’ve only used it once indoors and although it helped me through a great trainer session, I didn’t experience that same feeling of the oxygen in my blood. Maybe it is the heat and elements that provided that feeling outdoors, I’m not sure. But on the indoor ride, I did have the sensation of it seeping into my tongue and going into my body.

There is not the sudden energy boost like you’d find in something like a caffeine based drink. The benefits I find by using Nuun are more in the way of a feeling that my body is working efficiently and humming along like a Lamborghini. So if you’re looking for a product to give you a quick fix and motivate you to get out there and ride when you just don’t feel like it, this one likely won’t do it.

One of the greatest benefits is that it won’t upset your stomach or cramp your muscles….at least it never has for me. I’ve used a few products in the past that have done this, so I’ve always been leery of trying new ones. That’s actually the reason it took me until just a few months ago to try it out. I was worried that it was going to upset my stomach and disrupt my ride.

Okay, so how do you use it?

First of all, I would definitely not recommend you use Nuun every time you ride. I feel that if you did that, it would lose it’s edge and some of the benefits and performance it gives you would be lost. “But how can having your body work more efficiently every single time be a bad thing”, you say? Like with everything else, your body becomes accustomed to whatever it considers normal. I guess if you plan on using Nuun for pretty much every future ride you take, then it might be okay. I know Nuun would love that. But my recommendation is this:

Which days?

Days when you need uplifting – Use it on the days when you need that psychological boost to get you out there. Yeah, I know I said it wouldn’t give you that sudden boost. It will help your body work a little more efficiently, which will make you feel more energized, and in turn your psychological state of mind will be better as well.

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