Betty Designs: Kits For More Than Just Pretty Girls and Triathletes

When I was first contacted by Morgan from SMACK! Media (they look after promotions for the company), I told her I needed the kit sent out quick because I was on my way to the Caribbean.  As a bonus for them providing me with a full kit, I was going to wear it during my cycling shot in the House Hunters International filming that went on here in Grenada (yeah, I still need to write about the whole HHI experience don’t I?).

We left Austin on November 2 and the kit had yet to arrive.  I think it showed up a couple days later and was eventually sent back to Betty Designs.  Talks continued with Morgan and I said they were still welcome to send the kit to me here, but the shipping cost would likely be a bunch more than they originally planned on investing.

We sort of left things there and I was totally shocked when I received notice in my PO Box that it had arrived.  I had to pay a couple bucks for duty, but was totally cool with that considering the headaches and cost Betty Designs had sunk into getting it to me.  I’m a sucker for good customer service, and what these guys went through (with a free kit) was super impressive.

I invite you all to check out Betty Designs and the great stuff they have to offer…..oh, and feel free to send care packages to me here in Grenada as well.

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  • Jen

    I like the pink kit in the ad photo.

  • Susan

    I was just on the website and love love love the designs. I am so buying some of their clothing. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • James

    I am a triathlete and spend a lot of time on the bike. I’m always looking for unique kits and having one that supports a fellow triathlete suits me well. I’ll go have a look at their designs right now.