#bikeschool: MET SineThesis Review

After the recent article here at LovingTheBike regarding the cleaning of your cycle helmet, I realised that I’d had my one and only bike helmet for about 5 years and maybe I was due for an upgrade. I used lots of reasons in my head to justify a new helmet but essentially it was a safety issue as my current LAS Kripton is getting old and has taken a few bumps and whacks along the way.

(ED: Please note that there will be no discussion in this article regarding whether you SHOULD or shouldn’t wear a helmet… you SHOULD. Don’t be an ass!)


I had two main requirements when searching the plethora of helmets on the market, firstly that it was comfortable and secondly it should look Pro. I’m easily distracted (I am after all a man-shaped human) and annoyances like an ill-fitted skid lid can easily turn a great ride into a slog, oh and I like looking good on the bike so the Pro look speaks for itself! Whilst perusing the various online cycle shops and checking out some of the Pro team’s kit lockers it was clear that if you want top quality in a cycle helmet, you may want to talk to the bank manager about a re-mortgage option on your house! Which is why I was very lucky to get my hands on Met’s top of the range helmet, the Sine Thesis. The story of how I got it will have to wait for another day but suffice it to say that my LBS owner and I are much better acquainted now and my wallet did not get abused!

Sine Thesis, Fit & Comfort

The Sine Thesis is Met’s top of the range ‘Pro Race’ helmet, which is supplied to the Liquigas & Cofidis pro teams. The goal for Met when developing the Sine Thesis was not to just create an expensive, lightweight helmet, but to “have a very ventilated helmet with very few points of contact between the head and the helmet” as described by Matteo Tenni, MET’s product manager. This aim is realised by what I’m sure will become a standard for all manufacturers at their top of their product range, Met’s Gel02 system. But more of that in a moment. At first glance the Sine Thesis looks great. It looks mean, it looks Pro and above all, it looks breezy which is a nice feature to have. The ‘matt white’ version I have is by no means, boring. I wanted a plain white or silver helmet so it would ‘go’ with the vast range of posey club and pro-team kits I have without clashing but this helmet has a pearlescent effect that is just beautiful. It shines and bounces different colours off it and is a very nice thing to behold. (ED: Having proof read this post I am now seeing what you are all just realising, on the bike I am a vain tart… but I can live with that!)

As you would expect from an expensive helmet, it is packed with features and the related corporate blurb about how good these features are but there are, in my opinion, two outstanding parts to the product; the ICELite technology and the previously mentioned Gel02. ICELite is described as a:

Composite Exoskeleton, integrated into the In-Moulding process allowing structural performance beyond established standards. With deflectors allowing a ‘acceleration of the ventilation

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