Better Man….Better Dad….Better Cyclist

With just under two weeks until Father’s Day, time is running short on finding something for that cycling dad in your life.  I’m a dad, right…so I know there is never a shortage of great cycling gift ideas.  This year, I actually couldn’t wait for father’s day and bought myself a gift back in March (Garmin Edge 500)…our family likes to buy it when we need it instead of waiting for a particular day for gifts.  But anyway, if you’re looking for something to knock his cycling socks off this year…..have a look at Ascendant’s men’s cycling retreat.

Now with a price tag of around $1,295 (all inclusive – not including transportation) I understand that it’s a few dollars more than getting him a new cycling outfit….but the mileage everyone will get out of this is so much better.

Chris Kyle and Ray Arata founded Ascendant with the notion of “A better man is a better husband, father, friend, partner, and leader”.  They do this by way of a 5 day men’s personal development retreat…and the coolest thing is that it focuses around the bike.  When I first heard about this concept, I knew right away that it was a recipe for success….when I saw this video below I was sold.

Believe me ladies, I’m not promoting this so that your man can take off for 5 days of riding and partying….it’s not like that at all.  Guys generally think they are too cool for support groups and creating a better “you”….the cycling is there to hook them into the life changing stuff.  Naaaahh, it’s all good.  If you’re also a cyclist or athlete, you’ll know just how much camaraderie comes along with a group ride…..the riding is totally part of the whole 5 day transformation.

Our five-day Active Learning Journeys are designed to create a safe environment for you to explore, develop, and cultivate the Man Inside that lives in your roles as father, husband, leader, professional, and male friend. We will assist you in raising your awareness to what’s getting in the way, and aid you in moving past the blocks and self-imposed limitations that may prevent you from being the man you aspire to be… and into the more potent man your family, spouse, colleagues, and community need you to be.

Chris and Ray are active cyclists themselves and when they realized that in many ways cycling had become a metaphor for their lives, they knew that they just had to incorporate the bike into their retreats.  This metaphor business isn’t new to me…..I know that how you do one thing is how you do everything but I also know that I need a lot of reminding on it.  The patterns that form in your life all come down to that one common denominator….yourself.

They have upcoming cycling retreats (mountain and road bike) in August, September, and November.  I honestly do think this is one father’s day gift that truly can create a better father and better man….it’s worth checking out.

Ray and Chris have given me a handful of discount certificates which brings the cost down to $995. A huge $300 savings….so thanks to them for that.  To obtain a promo code for your discount, please shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get one to you.

Remember the cycling dads on June 20th.

  • Amanda

    Wow….what a great concept!