Daddy’s Got a New Pair of Shoes

Yeah, I know that line has probably been way overdone, but I just couldn’t resist using it for the title of today’s post….and for good reason.  Not only am I going to tell you about the hot new pair of Pearl Izumi Road Race shoes I just got, but my Daughter Kassi is also going to tell you about the Pearl Izumi running shoes she’s now wearing as well.

Although cycling is my passion and a sport I love like no other, I can still often be a little cheap when it comes to spending money on certain equipment and clothing. One example is definitely with my shoes.  The first pair of cycling shoes I ever owned were the least expensive option at the shop where I bought my first road bike….I’m not ever sure what brand they were.

My next set of shoes were Shimano and definitely a step up, but still one of the cheapest options available to me.  I’ve just never felt that spending more money on cycling shoes would pay off in comfort and performance….until now.

The incredible folks over at Outside PR have been very good to me, and this time they sent over a set of Pearl Izumi Road Race shoes for me to try out.

Upon opening up the box, a huge smile hit me when those white and red babies hit me in the eyes.  My other two pairs of shoes were both black and I had always wanted a white pair.  I immediately switched out my clips and within about 5 minutes of being out on my bike with these things….I was totally in love.

Shoes can definitely make a difference in your ride and power.  Seriously.  My pedal stroke felt so much stronger and they just felt so good on my feet.  Even the look of them ignited me to ride faster…and I caught myself looking down at them probably just a little too often.

I won’t get into too much detail on the specs for these shoes…you can head over to Pearl Izumi to find out more.  But I will tell you that having one of those ratchet style buckle closure on your shoes is a very good thing.  It locks your foot into the shoe at just the right squeezability and makes the shoe work stroke for stroke with your foot.

These shoes retail for $130, but you can likely find them a low as $100 if you shop around online.  I’m not sure what your cycling shoe budget is, but I can tell you that putting a little more money into them than you think is necessary will definitely pay itself off.

Pearl Izumi Syncro Fuel Road Shoe

by Kassi

Pearl Izumi makes many things, shoes, shorts, jerseys, and accessories.  I recently tried out a pair of Pearl Izumi Syncro Fuel running shoes. They are very beautiful shoes, but they didn’t seem to work for me.  They were the size I usually get for shoes, but they felt a bit small.  Maybe their sizing is a bit smaller than other brands.  The main reason why I did not enjoy the shoes so much, is because of how uncomfortable they felt. I do enjoy the look of the shoes.  For me, even when I’m running, style is important!!

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