Helmet Review: MET Estro vs Lazer Genesis

It’s review week here at Loving the Bike.  Yeah, I’m going to post a different review each day this week and I’m hoping we’re able to give you some good advice and information for one of your upcoming purchases.  Each review will mostly be in video format as I feel it’s a more effective way to show you the product.

We start things off with one of the most important accessories for any cyclist….the helmet.  I was recently sent two great helmets that are both in the same category and price point (mid-level road helmet at approximately US$135).  So I’ve put them head to head the past few weeks to see what they are like to ride with.

A while back, our man Stevie Dexter did his review of the MET Sine Thesis, and prior to that I didn’t know much about these guys.  Yeah, MET isn’t currently distributing into North America…..which is a total shame.  I’ve also put up a helmet review of the Lazer Helium in the past as well.

So I’m putting the MET Estro and Lazer Genesis head to head and letting you know what I like best about each of them.  As with most things, I’m more interested in look and feel so anyone interested in hardcore specs probably won’t dig my review….but have a watch and see what you think.

Apology: I only shoot my videos once and I totally screwed up the name of the MET Estro…I called it the MET Ethos (sorry about that, guys).

MET Estro Road Helmet Review:


Lazer Genesis Road Helmet Review:

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