Locking Up the Whole Family

I’m so proud to be part of a riding Family, and thanks to the cool cats over at Kryptonite Locks we can now be ultra protected when locking up our bikes.

When me and my Family head out on our bikes there are four of us riding and also the Chariot trailer that I pull my Son in behind me.  It’s a great set up, but now that we’re riding to destinations and leaving our bikes unattended we need to make sure they’re going to be there when we return.

It really sucks that there are people out there who want to take bikes, but the load of Kryptonite locks that we now have makes it very easy to keep them secure.  I told Daryl from Kryptonite my needs and he sent a few options for us to try out.

After dealing with Kryptonite and diving further into all they have to offer, I can honestly say that they are the kings of the lock business.  They know what we need and they know how best to keep us safe.  They also provide a whole whack of information on how to best lock up your bike and how to choose a lock system that works for you.

How to Lock Up Your Family of Bikes

I wanted to focus this article on how best to lock things up when you venture out on a Family ride.  With all those bikes and the Chariot I know I want to make sure I keep them secure and here’s how we do it.

I was going to include a picture to show you how our set up looks, but it was hard to capture it all in one or two photos….so I’m providing some ideas for two different lock up options.

Lock up when nearby and can see bikes

It’s as simple as wrapping the KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable through all bikes and frame of Chariot.  For this type of lock up there are countless ways to secure a group of bikes, but I find this one is simplest and works great.

Lock up when further away from bikes

This one takes a bit more time, but it’s definitely worth the work to ensure the bikes stay safe.  Below are few points for the main aspects of locking up a group of bikes when you’ll be away from them for a while.  Again, there are countless methods and options but here are a few things that I keep in mind.

Quick Release Tires – three of our bikes have quick release tires so I take the front tire off each of these and place it beside the back tire.

Secure Locking Point – Hopefully there is a nice big rack for you to secure your crew of bikes to.  If not, find a thick tree trunk, fence, or other place that provides a secure locking point.

Pairing up the Bikes – in order to keep things as clean as possible, I group together my bike with the Chariot and then lock the bikes of my Wife, Son, and Daughter together.

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