Locking Up the Whole Family

Locking up the Bike and Chariot – I use one KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable and wrap it through my frame, around the back tire (and front tire that is placed beside it).  It’s a long one so I also wrap it through the frame of the Chariot and its two tires, and then I wrap it around my securing point and lock it up.  If I want to be extra secure, I use one KryptoLok u-lock around my two tires and frame…and another u-lock for the two tires of the Chariot.  We don’t stop at too many shady neighborhoods, so the first option is generally all we need.

Locking up the Bikes – For the other three bikes I use my other KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable and wrap it through the three frames and through the front tire of my Son’s bike that doesn’t have quick release. Then I wrap it through the secure point and lock it up.  Next, I take the KryptoFlex Key Cable and wind it through the back tires and the two quick release tires that are sitting beside the back ones.  I also wrap it through at least one frame as well.

Padlocks and Combinations – to lock up the Double Loop Cables I have been using the Steel Padlock and Steel Round Padlock that Kryptonite sent me.  These require a key which is fine by me, but if you prefer to walk around keyless after leaving your bikes…you’ll want to use a combination lock on the cables and will also want to choose the combination options for any of the other locks you use as well.

Quick Release Seat Posts – Only two of our bikes have a quick release seat post and I usually take those off and put them in the backpack I was carrying all the locks in.

In my personal opinion, choosing Kryptonite for all your lock up options is totally the way to go.  These guys offer everything you’re going to need and will provide great customer service should you need it. Be sure to go to their FAQ section and read up on all the great information in there….or ask a question of your own.

Check out their “where to buy” directory so you can make the purchase online or at you  local bike shop.  Be sure to pick up the locks you need for your own personal family bike riding needs.  Most important of all….get out there and ride with your family.

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  • http://twitter.com/trimon29 Eric Hutchins

    I have used Kryptonite locks religiously for years and NEVER had a problem. They make GREAT products.


    Kryptolock fuhgeddaboutit in the sheldon brown method plus the double loop cable to secure front wheel and saddle. http://sheldonbrown.com/lock-strategy.html

  • Bruce

    Kryptonite is the only brand of lock I buy. So far so good as I’ve never had my bike stolen and hope to keep it that way.

  • Patrick

    I bike with my family and we’ve tried a few different combinations of set ups. Now that you remind me of the double loop cable idea, I am going to give that a go. We’re never that far from our bikes and if I can just wrap the cable around all of them and use one lock that would be so much simpler. Good advice guys.

  • JD

    Kryptonite is a great brand of locks. I’ve been using them for years.

  • http://twitter.com/BikeInjury Chicago Bike Injury

    This is great advice for keeping bikes safe.

  • Jack

    I just started biking more with my family as well. We’ve ventured out to coffee shops and a few nearby places but haven’t went far enough away from our bikes to need to lock them up yet. But we would like to and this information is going to help a lot. We don’t have a trailer to pull but we have 5 bikes between us. Thanks guys.