Random Samplings: Interbike Edition

Every so often we seem to have a pile of cycling related products that need a little review posted about them, and it’s that time once again.  I already had a few things to mention, but following Interbike there are now a few more.  So it’s time for Random Samplings, once again.

Topeak Pumps

The guys over at Topeak sent me a couple different pumps to try out recently….a good pump is a great friend to a cyclist, right?  With all the choices out there, how do you really know what pump you need? Well, we’ll be writing more on pumps soon but let me tell you about good and bad on these ones.

JoeBlow™ Sprint - The Sprint offers a cyclist everything necessary in a floor pump and will keep you inflated to the exact psi you like to ride on.

What Topeak Says: “The great performance of a JoeBlow series pump in a more affordable package. Includes the easy-to-use TwinHead™.”

The Plus’s: The Sprint is nice and light and is super easy to pump.  I also like that you can rotate the arrow found on the gauge so that it’s pointing to the psi that you generally like your tires to be inflated to.

The Minus’s: I personally like a pump that is short enough to fit in a suitcase so I can take it with me when I travel.  The Sprint is borderline short enough as I can fit it in only one of the suitcases we own.

Mini Morph™ - The Morph series from Topeak gives riders a mini pump with an extra kick and options.

What Topeak Says: “The smallest Morph is still big on features. Fills both fat and skinny tires with ease, fold out foot pad for hassle-free inflation.”

The Plus’s: The Morph line from Topeak will provide you with great inflation power while out on the road.  If you’re tired of using pumps that make it feel like your arm is about to fall off before you’re able to inflate your tire…this is for you.

The Minus’s: I asked the guys at Topeak to give me a pump that has the power to inflate well while out on the road.  The only real minus for this one is that it’s too long to comfortably put in the back pouch of your jersey.

Footbalance Custom Insoles

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